We are VIBRANT (also called V.A.S for VIBRANT Art Studios) – a group of young aspiring artists from the Philippines.

The group was officially established in May 14, 2017 by sculptor Nigel Villaceran and artist Joshua Barrera, two best buddies who decided to team up in order to reach their dreams and ambitions in their art careers and in life. Originally a duo, they were joined by Hannah Barrera, the younger sister of the co-founder, shortly after the group’s launch.

Drawings, Paintings, Sculptures, and More!

Artworks by Nigel Villaceran and Joshua Barrera.

VIBRANT showcases the versatility of the young Filipino artists in the group. We currently mostly do drawings, paintings, and sculptures. Our artists frequently host exhibits and participate in art bazaars which you can check out in our Blog Page.

A Small Business with Big Dreams

Even though the two are still students, they created VIBRANT to promote their works and also those of their colleagues to establish themselves in the art industry at a young age. They were inspired by the many rising artists through new media as well as the stories of successful artists in their country and from the world, thus wanting to begin early.

VIBRANT aims to contribute to uplifting of the local art scene, the Philippine arts, in a rapidly progressing and globalizing world. We want to show our talents, and likewise represent our country on a global scale. Becoming a National Artist is also one of our main ambitions.


Lastly, VIBRANT was formed as an inspiration for the young Filipinos and artists who dream to become be a part of the industry one day. We want to tell them that if they want to reach their dreams, it all starts now.

PR Group Photo PR Group shot of artists Hannah Barrera, Joshua Barrera, and Nigel Villaceran for the HEARTH Art Exhibit and launching of V.A.S.