A First Look at the VIBRANT – Tiny Art Gallery

With 2018 being just a few weeks away, here are some things to look out for in our soon-to-open new exhibit area called Tiny Art Gallery! This will be our second official place to showcase our works, crafts, and merchandise items to be introduced soon.

Handcrafted sculptures by Nigel Villaceran displayed in a white modern shelf at the location of Tiny Art Gallery.

An artwork turned lamp by Joshua Barrera from 2013.

Before 2017 ends, Holiday specials by our artists will be posted in the days to come!


VIBRANT Pop-up Store in a Bazaar and Workshop

A culinary workshop for decorating along with a bazaar full of booths of yummy goodies, gifts, books, and art at the Tiny Kitchen At The Shang in November 11 and 12, 2017.

The main event of the bazaar was a dessert decorating workshop hosted by the Tiny Kitchen cooking school for children by Ms. Vicky Veloso Barrera. It was held at the East Atrium of Shangri-La Plaza, Manila. In the middle were tables with kits woth cookies, cakes, and cupcakes inside ready to be topped with layers of colorful frosting and confections such as little strawberry chocolates balls, M&Ms, sprinkles, and many more. On the sides were the booths in which VIBRANT Art Studios was among the entrepreneur businesses. We were also the only booth that focused on selling some pieces of our art and at the same time displaying them.

It was our first time to manage a booth and participate in a bazaar. It was an amazing experience to showcase VIBRANT Art Studios in a shopping mall as well. Here are images from the weekend sale. Take a look at our colorful and vibrant pop-up store that featured my works and prints and the handcrafted sculptures of my best buddy Nigel Villaceran!

The Artists / Co-founders together with their pop-up store.

We would like to thank everyone who dropped by to see our booth and the rest of this spectacular workshop and bazaar. We hope to participate in more bazaars, exhibits, and other events in the near future!

Also, we will be having Christmas specials coming out soon!

Golden Turtle : A Little Handcrafted Critter 

Summer may be seasons away, but that does not keep my best buddy and VIBRANT sculptor Nigel Villaceran from making little crafts of metal that depict critters associated with summer. 
Here in the Philippines there is no Spring, Fall, and Winter. Instead it is just the rainy season and Summer. So I guess coming up with works that may not really fit the season in other countries like the US is still perfectly fine here primarily because we do not experience snow. 

Golden Turtle (2017) by Nigel Villaceran.

The Golden Turtle is a sculpture of brass fasteners that was created by the artist just this month. It is one of his smaller works. This little guy is surely awaiting for its big adventure this coming 2018!

The Warring Triad Series

“Three gods descended from the heavens and fearing each other’s power, began to war.” — a quotation from the Final Fantasy VI lore. But that changes in Final Fantasy XIV; wherein these beings are held captive for thousands of years and eventually break free to continue their schemes.
As a Halloween special, here is a series that I started last year and finished this year. These are three artworks; recreations of three primals / characters from the game Final Fantasy XIV. The Warring Triad are some of my favorite divine beings in the series, especially when it comes in groups. I have posted these works already in my own blog, but I’ll put them here as well as a seasonal special.

Sephirot, the Fiend (2017) by Joshua Barrera.

The first pillar of the Warring Triad is Sephirot, the Fiend. Otherwise known simply as Fiend in Final Fantasy VI, this being was given very similar features in XIV in comparison to his original in VI. Story-wise, this one touches on the elements of nature as he is said to be depicted as a tree-god of tree-like people. 

This piece was very interesting for me and very challenging to complete. It took me almost an entire year to finish this one due to all the musclular details. This is my first piece wherein I had to depict something with such features.

Sophia, the Goddess (2016) by Joshua Barrera

The second pillar of the triad is Sophia, the Goddess. Referred to as the Goddess in Final Fantasy VI, her design is altered in the later game of the series. It appears that in her Final Fantasy XIV design, she was given a darker and metallic feel such as giving her ivory black skin with dead white hair. She looks like a corpse in this design in contrast to her angelical look in VI. Nevertheless, I still love the design of this one. In fact, for me it added a more authentic vibe to her since she could have looked like an ordinary lady standing above her giant mounted head. 
This work is one of my favorites up until now. Not only is she one of my favorite primals, this piece was challenge for me especially with Barbelo, the giant female head that Sophia stands on. Usually for faces, I would collaborate with my sister as seen with my other works. But for this one I decided to handle everything myself. 
Zurvan, the Demon (2017) by Joshua Barrera.

The final pillar faced by the Warrior of Light, the hero of the game, is Zurvan. He looks exactly the same from his design in Final Fantasy VI. Being a symbol of war and blood, I chose to further enhance this feel by giving this piece a red backdrop. 
This piece also was not that easy in execution. I had to be very careful with the shades of red and grey in this work. The tail as well was the trickiest part. 
And that is my Warring Triad series; three works recreating characters from the Final Fantasy series. You can also check out jcvbarrera923.wordpress.com for more works.

High Tea & Works of Metallurgy

This last Saturday, September 30, the VIBRANT artists exhibited there works again at the Pablo Antonio Ancestral Home, also known as My Mother’s Garden on the maps. The artists featured some of their remaining works from the HEARTH exhibit that took place in June and added new works as well. 

Among the artists who brought in additions to their display is VIBRANT sculptor and co-founder Nigel Villaceran. For this event he showcased 3 more handcrafted works of brass to his collection. 

Golden Peacock (2017)

The Golden Peacock is a complementary work to the theme of Love Marina. It was created by the artist since his exhibiting business partner and best buddy Joshua Barrera featured the Fancy Peacock in his new collection for the event. The peacock is a collaborated subject between the two because of historical basis regarding the heritage home. Several years ago, the heritage house and its owners, the relatives of VIBRANT artist Joshua Barrera, housed a couple of peacocks that grew and lived their years in the garden.

Rooster (2017)

Another work produced for the event, the Rooster is a symbol for this year, 2017, being the year of the rooster in Chinese culture.
War Horse (2017)

The War Horse makes its appearance again! This time the piece has been modified. The base is now a black wooden platform in comparison to its circular metallic one posted some time ago. 
Up next is the collection of Joshua Barrera in the Love Marina event.

Recreating Beauty Portraits 

It’s a fascination that fashion is a big influencer into my art style along with my sister’s. I guess I am inspired by the extreme shoots; the ones that do not normally appear or are probably too strange for the fashion industry. Nevertheless, it depends on the concept and result that gets me motivated to make collaborations with my sister, Hannah Barrera.

In continuation to the first collaboration post, here are three earlier pieces; though the latter I finished this year. My sister starts the artwork with a layout, while I complete it with my art style of ink patterns. In some cases she also finishes the work by adding highlights using pen and ink or pencil. These along with the artwork in the previous collaborative post make up the first four collaborations.

Sang-In Kim (2016) by Hannah Barrera and Joshua Barrera.

This piece is a portrait of Korean model Sang-In Kim who participated in the reality tv competition Asia’s Next Top Model Season 4. The artwork is a recreation of one of her four photos that appeared in the 3rd episode for their comp card shoot. The colorful hair is not exaggerated because the crazy hairdo is what she received as a makeover.

The next two pieces are taken from digital renderings as fan-made series of the Top Model franchise such as a Sims version created by animators and youtube users.

Ascending Angel (2016) by Hannah Barrera and Joshua Barrera

Aqua (2017) by Hannah Barrera and Joshua Barrera

For the latter piece, I finished it this year (2017) since it was a challenge for me to make a portrait of a lady using non-realistic skintones such as shades of blue replacing the ordinary shades of brown and pale. Without the blue colors, the lady would have had a dark African tone however due to the lighting and filters the original photo ended up blue.

There are many other collaborations that I did to this day (probably eight or nine more excluding the five already uploaded in this site). There is also the latest collaborative work, Vibrant Empress (2017) posted in the HEARTH Artworks.

You can also check out my other collaborative works here : jcvbarrera923.wordpress.com/category/artworks/

Scorpion by Nigel Villaceran

The story of this particular artwork goes : 
“This vigorous critter handcrafted by the maker (the artist) is ready to unleash its venom to those who stand in its way. Its battle hardened look is formed from brass fasteners sculpting the body, a drop of hot glue for its eyes and varnish.”

Side view of the Scorpion (2017) by Nigel Villaceran

Frontal view of the Scorpion (2017) by Nigel Villaceran.

One of the recent works crafted by VIBRANT Art Studios sculptor Nigel Villaceran, the scorpion is a custom made work requested by its respective buyer. It is the fourth work ordered after the launch of the VIBRANT Art Studios artist’s first official exhibit entitled HEARTH : Heritage and Art at the Pablo Antonio Ancestral Home in Pasay city, Philippines.

Scorpion Package

Image Credits :

Joshua Barrera

Nigel Villaceran

The Horse, Eagle, and Butterfly by Nigel Villaceran

Here are the first three custom made works by VIBRANT Art Studios sculptor Nigel Villaceran after the opening of the HEARTH (Heritage and Art at the Pablo Antonio Home) exhibit. The artist presented a number of his works that depict creatures of the real world and those of myths and legends and had customers challenging him to make subjects based on their own preference. He produced four works within the months of June and July of this year.

War Horse (2017), a horse symbolizing might and victory.

Soaring Eagle V2 (2017), a second version of the artist’s previous work years ago.

Another angle of the Soaring Eagle V2 (2017)

Golden Butterfly (2017)

Handcrafted Tabletop Critters at the HEARTH Exhibit

Take a look at the set up of Nigel Villaceran’s pin sculptures that add life at the HEARTH : Heritage and Art at the Pablo Antonio Ancestral Home Exhibit in the city of Pasay, Philippines.
Nigel Villaceran is our fellow sculptor in the artist group who participated along with other VIBRANT Art Studios artists Hannah Barrera and Joshua Barrera as well as established print artist Pandy Aviado.

A table with Feline (2017) and Raguel (2015).
The works are placed around a room together with objects that depict the feeling of being at home. The works of art, ‘critters’ if you will, make great genuine pieces to display as miniatures of real life and mythological creatures from all around the world.

A table with Wyvern (2016), Soaring Eagle (2014), and Forest Guardian (2017).
The first series of works have concluded. Artists Joshua Barrera and Nigel Villaceran are preparing for the second series due this coming September, so it is not the end of their exhibition at the heritage house. 

VIBRANT in HEARTH : Out in the Papers

Today, the artists of VIBRANT Art Studios are once again featured in a local newspaper, this time the Philippine Daily Inquirer for their participation in the HEARTH : Heritage and Art at the Pablo Antonio Ancestral Home Exhibit. Within the month of June other news outlets such as Manila Bulletin and Philippine Star also released articles about VIBRANT Art Studios and the exhibit. 

The article of the Philippine Daily Inquirer for July 3, 1017. Taken by Joshua Barrera.
The latest article is written by Marge C. Enriquez, a senior writer of the popular news outlet in the country. Entitled Pandy Aviado evokes romance and nostalgia in Pablo Antonio residence, the article talks about print artist Pandy Aviado, who exhibited in the same area with the artists of V.A.S. Later on it goes to the three younger artists from VIBRANT, featuring brief backgrounds of their lives and some pieces that were on display in the exhibit per se.

Here is the link to the online version: http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/267124/pandy-aviado-evokes-romance-nostalgia-pablo-antonio-residence/

This was not the only time the artists of V.A.S have been featured in one of the top news outlets of the country. Last week the three artists were given the spotlight in Deedee M. Siytangco’s article entitled Jollibee and the integrity caravan for the Manila Bulletin. 

Here is the link to the online version : http://lifestyle.mb.com.ph/2017/06/25/jollibee-and-the-integrity-caravan/

Before the exhibit opened, the Philippine Star handled the promotional article ‘Hearth’ at Vibrant Art Studio showcasing portfolios of the artists and their participation in the exhibit to come. The article was exclusive at it was only released in the papers.
As the 1st HEARTH Exhibit comes to an end, VIBRANT Art Studios is thankful for all the support and will continue to participate in more art shows.