Love Marina

Art, fashion, flowers, gifts, and high tea β€” all in one afternoon that took place yesterday, September 30, at Love Marina held in the ancestral house of Philippine National Artist for Architecture, Pablo S. Antonio.


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“Sun Dream” and “Day and Night Butterfly” by Joshua Barrera. The works took the former place of the now sold works “Bizarre Landscape” and “Crazy Daisy” that were exhibited in June during the HEARTH exhibit.


VIBRANT artists Joshua Barrera and Nigel Villaceran exhibited their works once more at the yellow room of the heritage home with new pieces added. While the two had their works displayed in their area, works of print artist Pandy Aviado, who previously participated in the HEARTH : Heritage and Art at the Pablo Antonio Ancestral Home in June, had his works exhibited again as well.


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New works of Joshua Barrera hanging on the walls.


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Tabletop sculptures of Nigel Villaceran. The Golden Peacock is his featured work for this event.


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The “Rooster” by Nigel Villaceran along with a set design and floral painting by Hannah Barrera.


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Works of the VIBRANT artists.


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Works of Joshua Barrera from the HEARTH exhibit in June.


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The “Vibrant Empress ” by Hannah Barrera and Joshua Barrera


In the midst of the galore of flowers and high tea, a VIP salon styled runway show was held at the living room of the house.


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VIBRANT artist Hannah Barrera wearing a floral gown by Letlet Veloso.

The gowns are designed by the family of the National Artist; Letlet Veloso; who opened the show with hand-painted rosy and floral dresses designed for prom, Malu Veloso; who showcased old fashioned evening couture dresses with a modern touch, and finally the colorful traditional wear by late designer Marina Reyes Antonio. These dresses were presented through the three generations.



That concludes Love Marina. We look forward for more opportunities for VIBRANT to exhibit in the near future!







Of Art, Heritage, and Family

With the upcoming Love, Marina event in which Joshua Barrera and Nigel Villaceran will exhibit new works this Saturday, September 30, a news article was released today in the papers of the Philippine Daily Inquirer as a top story in the lifestyle column.

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The news article on the front page of thr Lifestyle section along with works of art by Joshua Barrera and Nigel Villaceran.

The article is entitled Malu, Vicky and Letlet Veloso: The National Artist’s legacy through two generations written by senior columnist Marge C. Enriquez.



Our artists Joshua Barrera, Nigel Villaceran, and Hannah Barrera are once again featured in the article, mainly giving spotlight to the Barrera siblings being great grandchildren of Pablo S. Antonio, a Philippine National Artist for Architecture.


You can view the article in the link below:


On the Bulletin : A Write Up on the HEARTH Exhibit

Today, an article in the lifestyle column of the Manila Bulletin featured the ancestral house of Pablo Antonio alongs with its aspects of heritage, architecture, food, fashion, and art. Thus, the participation of VIBRANT Art Studios artists Joshua Barrera, Nigel Villaceran, and Hannah Barrera are once again mentioned given the ongoing HEARTH : Heritage and Art at the Oablo Antonio Ancestral Home exhibit in Pasay City, Manila. The article is written by lifestyle columnist and foodie CJ Juntereal, who is also a family friend of those who reside in the ancestral home.

Second page of the article.

Here is the link to the online version :

This is the second time that the exhibit along with VIBRANT Art Studios has been featured in the news outlet with the first being written by Deedee Siytangco in her article Jollibee and the Integral Caravan in the previous month. Also, VIBRANT Art Studios has been written about in other top Philippine news outlets such as the Philippine Star and Philippine Daily Inquirer respectively. 

Two Artists, One Work of Art

Two years ago our sibling artists Joshua and Hannah Barrera began to create artworks together. Though their art styles may be different, with Joshua Barrera focusing on his unqiue patterns while Hannah Barrera’s is realistic, the two managed to fuse the styles into works of art.
Here is their very first collaboration done in July 2015 and finished in April 2016. Hannah Barrera did the layout or sketch while Joshua Barrera filled the drawing in with inked patterns.


Effortless Beauty (2016) by Joshua Barrera and Hannah Barrera
Effortless Beauty (2016) by Hannah Barrera and Joshua Barrera

The artwork is fan art of an actual photograph from the reality show Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3. The original photograph was featured in the 8th episode when the contestants (aspiring models) had to pose in the streets of Singapore while showing their hairdos by TRESemmΓ©. The girl who won the best photo was Indonesian contestant Tahlia, who also got the opportunity to open a runway show for the brand. Thus, the artwork is an interpretation of Tahlia’s picture in the style of our artists.
Right now they have already done nearly 15 collaborative works; one of which was featured at the 1st series of the HEARTH : Heritage and Art at the Pablo Antonio Ancestral Home exhibit in Pasay city, Philippines.

Pin Art Sculptures by Nigel Villaceran at the HEARTH Exhibit

In June 10, our co-founder and sculptor Nigel Villaceran participated in the HEARTH : Heritage and Art at the Pablo Ancestral Home in Pasay, Manila along with VAS artists Joshua Barrera and Hannah Barrera and experienced print artist Pandy Aviado. 
His collection of hand crafted pin sculptures for this exhibit are creatures from both the real world and the mythological world. One of his reasons for this is that he is a lover of mythology and science, therefore interpreting life forms into pieces of art. Through his medium he shows the beauty as imperfections of his sculptures, thus all are unique and cannot be replicated. 

Manta Ray (2017)
Soaring Eagle (2014)
Minokawa (2017), a Philippine legendary bird who devours the sun.
Raguel (2015), also known as the arch angel.
The Feline (2017), a piece with feline features.
Venus Flytrap (2017)
Tyrannosaurus (2017)
Tikbalang (2017), a Philippine mythical creature that is half-human and half-horse.
Stag Beetle (2017)
Wyvern (2016), a special work that was given as a gift to fellow co-founder, artist, and best buddy Joshua Barrera.
Forest Guardian (2017), a piece that is inspired from tree-like beings in mythology.
Grasshopper (2017)
And that finishes the first series of works by VAS artists Nigel Villaceran, Joshua Barrera, and Hannah Barrera. Surely these artists will continue to join more art shows and we’ll keep updating. 

Summer Fantasy : A Collection by Joshua Barrera at the HEARTH Exhibit

Among the trio of VIBRANT Art Studios who participated in the HEARTH : Heritage and Art at the Pablo Antonio Ancestral Home is one of our co-founders, Joshua Barrera. He produced 15 works, one of which is a collaboration with Hannah Barrera that graces the walls of the yellow room at the Pablo Antonio Ancestral Home. 
His collection portrays subjects of summer flora and fauna with an added element of high fantasy. Moreover his works are meant to blend in with the ambience of the location, as the artworks are aimed to give a homey feel. 

Arcadia Tree (2016), a fantasy landscape with a mystical tree filled with cool colors that color ancient Greece.
Bizarre Landscape (2016), a fantasy scenery of playful, contrasting colors.
Spilling Bottle (2016), a piece inspired from coca cola.
Sunrise of 1919, inspired from Erte’s covers for Harper’s Bazaar.
Crazy Daisy (2017), a daisy that shows its playful side compared to its kind.
Dusty Lavender (2017), an abstract piece depicting soft and sharp figures of the color lavender.
Mauve Synthesis (2017), inspired from cell division showing a still image of a mauve floral figure splitting apart.
Fly Beyond (2017), a work that interprets one flying above their capacity in life.
The next six works are those with a layer of watercolor below the patterns of pen and ink.

Heat Wave (2017), a simplistic interpretation of the summer sun with a wave amongst a bright red watercolor wash.
Leafy Sea Dragon (2017), a piece showing a sea dragon through the pen and ink patterns by Joshua Barrera.
World Tree (2017), a work inspired from the mythical tree Yggdrasil and a special for Earth Day 2017.
Soul Tree (2017), a fantasy scenery of a tree that grew in the midst of a conflicted land.
Crimson Butterfly (2017), a sweet Butterfly that rests on a crimson stalk and a baby pink watercolor backdrop
Rose Splash (2017), a work inspired by rose baths.

Also, a collaboration was done together with Hannah Barrera.

Vibrant Empress (2017), a collaborative work showing a lady in vibrant and contrasting hues to show her powerful yet playful character.

Works of Nigel Villaceran will be posted soon.

A Line Up of Portraits by Hannah Barrera at the HEARTH ExhibitΒ 

For the HEARTH : Heritage and Art at the Pablo Antonio Home art exhibit, our fellow artist Hannah Barrera showed her versatility in using art media through a collection of portraits.
She produced six pieces for the exhibit. Three of these are portraits of icons decades back, two are expressive portraits, and one sculpture. She shows an exceptional skill in subjects with life, such as humans, plants, and animals. She featured some of her works done in the passed and also those that were originally school projects.

Horse Head, a sculpture made of wires.
A warm hued portrait of an anonymous girl.

A pen and ink portrait of the icon Marilyn Monroe.

Here are the works she did exclusively for the art show.

A watercolor portrait of Grace Kelly in cool colors.
A portrait of celebrity icon Elizabeth Taylor out of expired cosmetics.
Vibrant Empress, a collaborative expressive portrait with artist Joshua Barrera

Teaser for HEARTH

Here are some images of the display for Vibrant Art Studios in the Pablo Antonio Ancestral House in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines. The set up is tentative, however we would like to share some of the progress.

For the art exhibit entitled HEARTH : Heritage and Art in the Pablo Antonio Home, theee of Vibrant Art Studios’ artists will be featuring their works. They are the co-founders Joshua Barrera and Nigel Villaceran, and fellow member Hannah Barrera.

The theme of the exhibit this year, especially for V.A.S is Home Sweet Home and Sunday. The artworks that will be featured do not necessarily depict a homey feel, rather these are presented to show lineage; generations of works as if the room appears to be a family collection.

HEARTH Set Up Picture 1
Artworks by Joshua Barrera displayed at the Pablo Antonio Ancestral House walls.
For the three V.A.S artists it will be their Introduction Collection as they emphasize primarily on their art styles.  It will showcase Joshua Barrera’s fragmented and detailed style, Nigel Villaceran’s usage for stationery materials as art and its complex process, and Hannah Barrera’s versatility in the field of arts.

More artworks by Joshua Barrera installed on the walls of the Pablo Antonio Ancestral House.
Horse Head by Hannah Barrera
The Horse Head wire sculpture by Hannah Barrera on the floor.
HEARTH is all about introducing young artists into the industry and featuring an experienced artist. For this June 2017, the three young artists will be presenting their works with Filipino print artist Pandy Aviado, a big name in the local arts.

One of the official invites for the HEARTH 2017 art exhibit.


The Artist Trio

Introducing Joshua Barrera and Nigel Villaceran, our founding members of Vibrant Art Studios!

Joshua Barrera
A collage of works by Joshua Barrera.
Joshua Barrera is fond of using his art style of patterns, dots, and fragments. Starting out several years ago with coloring pencils and crayons, he eventually was introduced to using pens as a medium to give a solid appearance of shapes and colors into his artworks.

Nigel Villaceran
A collage of sculptures by Nigel Villaceran.
Nigel Villaceran on the other hand is a sculptor who uses stationery materials as his primary medium. His sculptures are handcrafted from start to finish as he shows how his works of art involve a complex process.

As best friends in the making, not only because of arts but other interests as well, they aim to achieve the status of National Artist. They also aim to showcase their works and their fellow artists of Vibrant Art Studios across the globe, spreading both their names and representing local art of diverse styles.

Hannah Barrera
A collage of works by Hannah Barrera
Hannah Barrera is the last member of the trio, joining the two business partners. From pastels, acrylic painting, watercolor painting, pencils, pen and ink, etc., to sculptures made of wires or clay, she is the ‘versatile’ member. Although she still hasn’t decided yet on which field to focus on in the future, she has an eye for fashion.